Return Of The Bump Squad 2CD
Catalog # 235/236
Release Year 1997   
2CD Length 41:13 | 52:48
Date/Venue Glam Slam, Miami Florida June 7, 1995 And Bonus Tracks
Source Soundboard

Track Listing
Glam Slam, Miami Florida 7 June 1995
Endorphinmachine, The Jam, Shhh!, Days Of Wild, Now, Funky Stuff, The Most Beautiful Girl In The World, P Control, Letitgo, Pink Cashmere, Loose!, Count The Days, Return Of The Bump Squad, outro
Paisley Park rehearsals 23 August 1995
P Control, Letitgo
Prince with Dr. Mambo's Combo at Bunker's Bar & Grill in Minneapolis, 12 June, 1995
Everyday People/I Wanna Take You Higher