Return To Zenith 6CD
Catalog # 058/59/60/61
Release Year   Edition of 500
6CD Length
Date/Venue Paris 21 August 1998 & Bonus tracks
Source Audience

Track Listing
Le Zenith, Paris 21 August 1998
push it up, jam of the year, talkin loud and sayin nothing, let's work, delirious, rock n roll is alive, purple rain, little red corvette, i would die 4 u, get yo groove on, jingoloba, i could never take the place of your man, the cross, when u were mine, the ride, love thy will be done, funky, 2001, hola hola hola, days of wild, freaks on this side, the one, piano medley, tmbgitw, venus de milo, diamonds and pearls, darling nikki, nothing compares 2 u, speech, take me with u, raspberry beret, my happy, come on, mad, forever in my life, if i was your girlfriend, lat's go crazy, she's always in my hair, u got the look, pop life, kiss, gett off, gett off housestyle, when doves cry, funky music, we groove, baby i'm a star, 1999
Bonus Tracks - London 26 August 1998 & Marbella 8 August 1998)
purple rain, love thy will be done, funky, dorothy parker, beautiful ones, flamenco, 2001, hola hola hola, let's go crazy, she's always in my hair, u got the look, gett of housestyle, mayte speech, jam
Larry Graham & Chaka Khan Opening Act
days of wild, thank you falletinme be mice elf again, you can make it if you try, free, everyday people, bass solo, i want to take you higher, the jam, i feel for you