Royal Jewels 3LP
Blue Lake Records
Catalog # PR01
Release Year 1989  US 
3LP Length
Date/Venue Studio Outtakes 1983-86
Source Soundboard

Track Listing
Studio Outakes 1983-86
High Fashion, Mutiny, Desire, Susannah's Pajamas, Yes, Dance Electric, Around The World In A Day, Instrumental, Let Me Feel You Up, Rebirth Of The Flesh, Expert Lover, G Spot, Divinity, Darling Nikki, Beautiful Experience, Computer Blue, I Would Die 4 U, Baby I'm A Star, The Ball, Movie Star, A Place In Heaven, Starfish And Coffee, Ballad Of Dorothy Parker, Joy In Repetition, Data Bank, Girl O My Dreams, Can't Stop This Feeling I Got, We Can Funk, All Day All Night