R U Experienced CD/CDrom
Catalog # 053/54
Release Year   
CD/CDrom Length 59:00 | 72:00
Date/Venue 12 February 1994 Paisley Park

Track Listing
13 February 1994 Paisley Park
Intro, Interactive, Days Of Wild, Now, The Ride, The Jam, I Believe In U, Shhh!, What'd I Say?, Peak The Technique, None Of Your Business.
7 June 1995, Glam Slam Miami
Endorphine Machine, The Jam, Shhh!, Days Of Wild, Now, Funky Stuff, The Most Beautiful Girl In The World, P Control, Letitgo, Pink Cashmere, Lemme See Your Body Get Loose!, Count The Days, The Return Of The Bump Squad, Outro.