R U Gonna Go My Way? 2CD
Catalog # SAB77/78
Release Year 1999  
2CD Length 71:12 | 63:51
Date/Venue Utrecht, 23 December 1998
Source Audience

Track Listing
Club Tivoli, Utrecht, 23 December 1998
cissy strut, superstition, chameleon, asswoop, the undertaker (inst), joy & pain, I Know You Got Soul, Baby Let's Go, Hair, Love & Happiness, Are You Gonna Go My Way, The Jam, Organ Solo, Mad, I Wanna Take You Higher (inst), Days Of Wild (inst), Thank You (faletinme be mice elf), You Can Sing It If You Try, Forever In My Life, Everyday People, Guitar Jam, Guitar Solo, Santana Medley, The Question Of U (inst), Gett Off, When You Were Mine, Osama bin Laden Get Ready To Bomb / 2001: also sprach Zarathustra