Sacrifice 2CD
Catalog # TB120/121
Release Year 2000  EEC 
2CD Length 2 hr 10 min
Date/Venue 1993 Tour Collection
Source Soundboard

Track Listing
Universal Amphitheatre, Los Angeles, 17 April 1993
Gett Off
BBC London 7 September 1993
Baby I'm a Star, Rock the House, America, DMSR, The Pope, Interlude Jam, Peach
Munich 28 August 1993
Jailhouse Rock, Calhoun Square, Race, Outro
Bagely's Warehouse London 8 September 1993
Intro, The Ride guitar Jam, The Undertaker, Jailhouse Rock, House in Order, Intermission, Call the Law, Heart in my Hand, Soldie, In the Mood, Peach, Poor Goo, Honky tonk Women, Bambi, Come, Endorphine Machine
Shefield Arena 2 August 1993
Lets go Crazy, Kiss, The Cross, Purple Rain, Sign O the Times, The Beautiful Ones, Girls & Boys, 1999
Arensio Hall Rehearsal 25 February 1993
Guitar Jam, Peach Intrumental, The Morning Papers Piano, Guitar Jam, Car Wash, Interlude, The Morning Papers, Instructions, My Name is Prince I, My Name is Prince II, My Name is Prince III