San Francisco Live 1986 2CD
Catalog # SAB187-188
Release Year 2002  
2CD Length 71:54 | 69:13
Date/Venue 23 May 1986 Warfield Theatre San Francisco
Source Audience

Track Listing
23 May 1986 San Francisco, Warfield Theatre
around the world in a day, christopher tracy's parade, new position, i wonder u, raspberry beret, alexa de paris, holly rock, controversy, mutiny, dream factory, how much is that doggy in the window, automatic, dmsr, the dance electric (with andre cymone), under the cherry moon, anotherloverhoenyahead, soft & wet, i wanna be your lover, head, pop life, girls & boys, life can be so nice, purple rain, america, whole lotta shakin'going on, holly rock, a love bizarre, prince talks about wendy, kiss, love or money. NPGMC downloads from the same evening
automatic, dmsr, the dance electric (feat. andre cymone).