Sendai '89 2CD
Catalog # SAB 186-187
Release Year 2002  
2CD Length 76:58 | 54:23
Date/Venue 1 Febuary 1989 Japan
Source Soundboard

Track Listing
1 Febuary 1989 Sendai Japan
Intro, housequake, take the a, train, slow love, adore, delirious, jack u off, sister, do me, baby, adore, u got the look intro, i wanna be ur lover intro, girls & boys, a love bizarre, when u were mine, little red corvette, controversy, u got the look, superfunkycalifrexisexy, bob george, anna stesia, interlude, eye know, lovesexy, glam slam, the cross, i wish u heaven, kiss, dance on, drum solo, let's go crazy, when doves cry, purple rain, 1999, audience, alphabet street
Lovesexy Tour Rehearsal (same as NPGMC release)
rebirth of the flesh
SNL 24 September 1989
electric chair
SNL Rehearsal 24 September 1989
electric chair (6 takes)