Sound & Vision2 2CD
Catalog # 012/13
Release Year   
2CD Length 72:52 | 73:59
Date/Venue TV Broadcasts 1989 - 96
Source Broadcast

Track Listing
TV Broadcasts 1989 - 96
electric chair, accepts award, diamonds and pearls, baby i'm a star, push, gett off, let's go crazy, kiss, cream, purple rain, daddy pop, accepts award, sexy mf, love 2 the 9s, damn u, i wanna melt with u, sacrifice of victor, my name is prince, the morning papers, blue light, the max, tmbgitw (mustand mix), accepts award, endorphine machine, accepts award, interactive, endorphine machine, accpets awrd, lovesign, peach, dolphin, accepts award, accepts award, billy jack bitch, get wild, count the days, get wild, dinner with delores, girls and boys, dinner with delores, zannalee