South American Festivals 1991 2CD
Catalog # SAB145/146
Release Year 2001  
2CD Length 153 min
Date/Venue Buenos Aires / Rio 1991

Track Listing
18 January 1991 River Plate Stadium, Buenos Aires

intro, something funky this house comes, let's go crazy, horny pony, kiss, pink panther / petter gunn, purple rain, bambi, take me with u, shake, dr feelgood, venus de milo / the question of u, ain't no way, nothing compares 2 u, bay i'm a star / respect / we can funk, theives in the temple / jam

21 January 1991 Rock In Rio II Maracana Stadium, Rio de Janeiro

something funky this house comes, let's go crazy, kiss, pink panther , purple rain / live 4 love chant, take me with u / alphabet / it takes 2 / think / stop the war chant, shake, dr feelgood, inst / venus de milo / condition of the heart / the question of u, nothing compares 2 u, baby i'm a star / respect, we can funk, thieves in the temple, jughead, rock the house / jam