Sun Moon And Stars 2CD
Catalog # SAB024A/B
Release Year 1997  
2CD Length 72:29 | 73:38
Date/Venue 1993-97 Outakes, Rare Releases and Carmen Electra Tracks
Source Soundboard

Track Listing
1993-1997 Outtakes And Rare Releases
Welcome 2 The Dawn, The Truth, Don'T Play Me, Face Down (Xtended Rap Money Mix), Mad, Funky Design, Snowman, The Most Beautiful Girl In The World (Mustang Mix), 2morrow, She Gave Her Angels/Let's Go Crazy, Come, Ripopgodazippa(From Striptease), Face Down (A Capella), Girl 6 (Extended), On Sale Now, Mashed Potato Girl, Work The Fat, The Sex Of It, What'S My Name, Face Down (Instrumental)
Carmen Electra Complete Acetate And Extras
1992 Concert Intro, Power From Above, Carmen On Top, Go On (Witcha Bad Self), Fun, S.T., (Go Carmen Go)(Listed On Package But Not On Disc), Good Judy Girlfriend, Fantasia Erotica, Powerline, Just A Little Lovin', All That, This Is My House, Go Go Dancer, The Juice, Fun (Final Long Version), Fantasia Erotica (Dance Remix), Two Four Six Eight ( From Playboy Laserdisc)