Syracuse 2CDR
Orson Productions
Catalog # OP11/12
Release Year 1998   
2CDR Length 72:09 | 70:44
Date/Venue 30 March 1985 Syracuse NY & Rehearsal
Source Soundboard

Track Listing
30 March 1985 Syracuse NY
let's go crazy, delirious, 1999, little red corvette, take me with u, do me baby, irresistable bitch, possessed, how come u don't call me any more, let's pretend we're married, international lover, god, computer blue, darling nikki, the beautiful ones, when doves cry, i would die for you, baby i'm a star, purple rain
Rehearsal for First Ave 7 June 1984 Show
purple rain (can't shake this feeling baby), noon rendezvous