The Digital Garden 2VCD

Catalog # 
Release Year 2003 
2VCD Length 
Date/Venue Various Live TV appearances and rare 
Source TV / Audience

Track Listing
Various Live TV and Other
I Wanna Be Your Lover / Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad (American Bandstand, 26-01-1980)
I Wanna Be Your Lover (The Midnight Special, January 1980)
Party Up (Saturday Night Live, 21-02-1981)
James Brown guesting w/ Michael Jackson (Los Angeles, September 1983)
Purple Rain (American Music Awards, 28-01-985)
Baby I'm A Star (Grammy Awards, 26-02-1985)
Lovesexy Special From Paisley Park
Still Would Stand All Time (Grosse Freiheit-Hamburg, 30-08-1988)
Electric Chair (Saturday Night Live, 24-09-1989)
Prince In Japan 1990
MTV Act I Special
When You Were Mine (/w Lenny Kravitz from and Act I show)
Commercial for The Hits/The B-Sides
Pussy Control (VH1 Fashion And Music Awards, 03-12-1995)
The Christ (The Essence Awards, 10-04-1998)
Come One (Cafe De Paris-London, 27-08-1998)
When You Were Mine (Celebration Soundcheck, 15-06-2001)
Days Of Wild (Palatrusardi-Milan, 31-10-2002)
The Everlasting Now (Jay Leno's Today Show, 13-12-2002)