Freak, The 2CD
Catalog # 049/50
Release Year 1998   
2CD Length 72:14 | 74:02
Date/Venue Brussels 13 August 98
Source Audience

Track Listing
Forest National Brussels 13 August 98
The One, Push it Up/ Jam of the Year, Talkin Loud and saying nothing, Let's work, Delirious, Purple Rain, Days of Wild, Thank you fallettime be mice elf again, You can make it if you try, Free, Dance to the music, I want to take you higher, The Jam, Little red corvette, I would die 4u, Do me baby, The ride/Dolphin, If I was your girlfriend, Piano Medley, Go-Go style Jam/Hola hola hola, Take me with U, Raspberry Beret, Come on, Freaks on this side, Funky Music, Johnny, Baby I'm Star, 1999