Freedom Train, The 2CD
Catalog # 220/221
Release Year 1997  
2CD Length 73:52 | 64:00
Date/Venue New York and Washington DC 1997
Source Audience

Track Listing
11 January 1997, Roseland Ballroom New York
jam of the year, talkin' lod and sayin' nothing, purple rain, 17 days, get yo groove on, six, face down, the cross, one of us, do me baby medley, sexy mf, if i was your girlfriend, how come u don't call me anymore, take me with u, raspberry beret, mr happy, 18 and over, speech, take the a train, the litte groove maker me, johnny
10 January 1997, Constitution Hall Washington DC
face down (including voodoo chile), the ride, sleep around, take the a train, the little groove maker me, 777-9311, partyman, johnny