Park, The 4CD
Catalog # 009/10/11/12
Release Year 1995   
4CD Length 61:13 | 55:46 | 64:48 | 73:21
Date/Venue Pailsey Park August 5, August 12, August 26, 1995 & TC Jammers
Source Audience

Track Listing
5 August 1995 Paisley Park
endorphinemachine, shhh, days of wild, the most beautiful girl in the world, p control, waterfalls, letitgo, pink cashmere, 7, now, funky stuff, skintight, johnny, the cross
12 August 1995 Paisley Park
the return of the bump squad, count the days, the good life, cherry cherry, get wild, the purple medley, santana medley, the ride
26 August 1995 Paisley Park
sometimes it snows in april, a case of you, peach, 7, dolphin, zannalee, bambi, tender surrender, the ride, mary don't you weep, race, girls and boys, superhero, dark, billy jack bitch, i hate you, 319, gold intro, mad, days of wild, in time
31 August 1995 TC Jammers at Bunkers Bar And Grill
intermission, i love u, ballgame, wishing well, passion, high fashion, mutiny, rich man