Park Volume Three, The 3CD
Catalog # 044/45/46
Release Year 1995   
3CD Length 45:42 | 48:06 | 78:51
Date/Venue Paisley Park October 23 and November 11, 1995
Source Soundboard

Track Listing
23 October 1995 Paisley Park
the glam slam boogie, the ride intro, count the days, 18 and over, hide the bone, inst jam, sax solo, santana medley, guitar inst., zannale intro, p control, letitgo, starfish and coffee, days of wild, race inst. (incl girls and boys)
11 November 1995 Paisley Park
hide the bone, the jam, papa inst., zannalee, the cross, we march, love thy will be done, funky, days of wild, if i was your girlfriend, vicki waiting, i hate u, gold, the ride, the glam slam boogie
21 February 1987 Rehearsal
the ballad of dorothy parker