War, The 2CD
Catalog # 51/52
Release Year 1998   
2CD Length about 110 min.
Date/Venue 23 August 1998 Zurich, Paisley Park 1997 & Official Release
Source Soundboard & Audience

Track Listing
Kaufleutan Club, Zurich 23 August 1998
drum solo, gett off, flashlight, joy & pain, baby let's go, everyday people, guitar jam, alphabet atreet, organ solo, africa talk to me (inst), thank you faletinme be mice elf again, still together (with marva king), release yourself
New York 1997
the jam of the year, face down
10 April 1997
the hole river, take me woth u, raspberry beret
Essence Awards 1998
the christ
Paisley Park 1997
the jam of the year, talking loud and sayin nothing
Paisley Park 1998 from Official Fan Release Cassette
the war