Work Volume 2, The 4CD
Catalog # TB 150/53
Release Year 2001  
4CD Length 306:00
Date/Venue Studio Outtakes 1984 -1988
Source Soundboard

Track Listing
around the world in a day, the dance electric, possessed (inst), 100 mph, 100 mph, jerk out, kiss, little girl wendy's parade, i wonder u, other's here with us, old friends 4 sale, neon telephone, heaven, love or money, old friends 4 sale, splash, wonderful ass, eternity, can i play with u, u gotta shake something, dream factory intro, dream factory, train, strange relationship, i could never take the palce of your man, a place in heaven, witness 4 the prosecution, movie star, the cross, all my dreams, teacher teacher, it's a wonderful day, crystal ball, in a large room with no light, a place in heaven, girl o my dreams, can't cop this feeling i got, we can funk, data bank, euphoria highway, get on up, baby go go, the sex of it, witness 4 the prosecution, rebirth of the flesh, the ball, big tall wall, power fantastic (intro), crucial, fuschia light, god is alive, go is alive (reprise), superfunkicaifragisexi (inst), i no (remix), we got the power, if i had a harem, if i had a harem, girl power, the line, cookie jar