Work Volume 3, The 4CD
Catalog # TB 154/57
Release Year 2001  
4CD Length 311:00
Date/Venue Studio Outtakes 1988 - 1991
Source Soundboard

Track Listing
17 penetration, 18 r u legal yet, 19 a girl and her puppy, 20 jailbait, 21 - 24 the dopamine ruch suite, the voice inside, me touch myself, batdance, partyman remix, electric chair, electric chair inst, dance with the devil, boom boom can't u feel the beat of my heart, flech & blood, my baby knows how 2 love me, number one, undercover lover, elephants & flowers, love machine, can't stop this feeling i got, melody cool, new power generation, the question of u, the question of u, theives in the temple, soul psychodelicide, soul psychodelicide, we can funk, the grand progression, soul psychodelicide, we can funk, your love is so hard, play, heaven i keeping score, segue, oobey doop, my tree, a positive place, seven corners, murph drag, 9 lives, love machine, corporae world, my summertime thang, the latest fashion, r u there, brand new boy, warden in the prison of love, bed of roses, good man, we can hang, curious blue, girls will be girls, good body every evening, good man, mind bells, bliss, gangster glam, cream, insatiable