Work Volume 4, The 4CD
Catalog # TB158/61
Release Year 2001  
4CD Length 309:00
Date/Venue Studio Outakes 1991 - 94
Source soundboard

Track Listing
the flow, something funky this way comes, daddy pop, hormy pony, schoolyard, willing & able, walk don't walk, live 4 love, the voice, martika's kitchen, spirit, love... thy will be done, don't say u love me, open book, the voice, player, u, glam slam 91, letter 4 miles, well done, uh huh, i wonder, 5 women, get blue, 2gether, 51 hours, power from above, carmen on top, go carmen go, powerline, all that, the juice, mo fun, fantasia erotica, the rest of my ife, make believe, i'll do anything, empty room, be my mirror, don';t talk 2 strangers, wow, i can't love u anymore, poor little bastard, allegance, hey louie louie, lost segues, the continental rmix, sexy mf remix, the mas inst, mpls, my pony, hit u in the socket, hold me, i hear your voice, ain't no place like u, work the fat, the p, mpls 12inch, poem, endorphinmachine, come, the ryde dyvine, loose dub, 18 & over, space, guitar segue, asswoop, ethereal segue, parlour games, michael segue, got 2 give it up, sonny & miles segue, 24