Work Volume 5, The 4CD
Catalog # TB 162/165
Release Year 2001 EEC 
4CD Length 79:52 | 77:58 | 77:50 | 78:36
Date/Venue Studio Outtakes 1995 - 2001
Source Soundboard

Track Listing
Heart Of Stone, 1000 Hugs & Kisses, Livin 2 Die (Our Lives), Days Of Wild, Billy Jack Bitch, Rock N Roll Is Alive (Tony Fly mix), Empty Room, Zannalee, Calhoun Square, Love Sign (remix), Mad (Prince-version), Funky Design (Prince-version), Snowman, Ain't No Place Like U, House Of Brick, Love's No Fun, If n Could Get Your Attention, Latino Barbie Doll, If n Love U 2night, However Much U Want, Free the Music (long version 3:24), NPG Bum Rush The Ship, The Exodus Has Begun, NPG Operator, Get Wild, Count, DJ Gets Jumped, New Power Soul, DJ Seduces Sonny, It Takes 3, Rain, Hallucination Rain, Spooky Soup, NPG outro, Slave 2 The System (NPG-version), Acknowledge Me, Super Hero, Outta Space, Mad (NPG-version), Funky Design (NPG-version), Sonny, Love...Thy Will be Done, Funky, Proud Mary, Van Gogh (different from NPGMC-version), I'll Never Be Another Fool, P-Control (house mix), Chatounette Controle, Starfish & Coffee, Most Beautiful Girl (Mustang Mix '96), On Your Own, Somebody's Somebody, Slave, Slave 2 The System (Prince-version), 2020, Feel Good, Journey 2 The Centre Of Your Heart, Am The DJ, Emancipation, Soul Sanctuary, One Song (complete version 8:53), Cybersingle, Peace, Y Should I Do That when n can do this?, Underneath The Cream, When n Lay My Hands On U, High, Sex Me Sex Me Not, Gamillah, Northside, My Medallion, The Daisy Chain, Supercute, Props N Pounds, Silicon, The Work (part 1), Habibi