Thieves in the Temple 2CD
Catalog # SAB 133/134
Release Year 2001  
2CD Length 75:30 | 77:37
Date/Venue Earls Court London 24 June 1992
Source Soundboard

Track Listing
Earls Court London 24 June 1992
spoken intro, precious lord, thunder, daddy pop, diamonds and pearls, instrumental interlude, let's go crazy, kiss, dead on it, jughead, purple rain, live 4 love, lively up yourself, delirious, willing and able, damn u, sexy mf, oriental outro, thieves in the temple, it, a night in tunesia, strollin', insatiable, gett off, the flow, cream, chain of fools
27 January 1992 Paisley Park
nothing compares 2 u
18 April 1992 Melbourne
dr. feelgood
19 July 1992 Special Olympics
diamonds and pearls
9 September 1991 Arsenio Hall Show
diamonds and pearls, let's go crazy, kiss, cream, purple rain, daddy pop.