Ultra Violet CD
Catalog # SAB 119
Release Year 2000  
CD Length 75:14
Date/Venue Studio Outtakes
Source Soundboard

Track Listing
Cybersingle, The One Remix, Come On Remix, Sign O The Times Extended Mix, Livin' Our Lives 2 Die (Rave Outtake), Feel Good 2 Ya (Sonny T. Outtake) Gotto Be Something Here, Why Should I Do That, When I Can Do This/ Madrid 2 Chicago/ If I Had A Harem/ Splash (Npg Online), You're Still The One
Ingrid Chavez Skyfish Tracks
In The Heart Of Friends, Jumping In2 Each Other, Voices In Prayer, Tightrope, Barefoot Babes, My Blue Heaven
Chavez Track With Prince On Vox
Heaven Is Keeping Score