Versace and Other Experiences CD
Free Music
Catalog # 007
Release Year 1995   
CD Length 64:34
Date/Venue Versace Experience Tape & Studio Outakes
Source Soundboard

Track Listing
Versace Experience Tape & Studio Outtakes
Intro/Pussy Control (Control Tempo Edit),Pheromone Version 2, Sonny T./Rootie Kazootie, However Much U Want, Chantounette Controlle. (French Remix), Loose (Acid Guitar Remix), Race. (Black and White Mix), Letitgo, Interactive Version 3. (Global Groove Mix), Walk Don't Walk, The Sacrifice Of Victor. (Kirk J's Remix), Controversy. (Kirk J's Remix), The What's My Name Experience. (featuring: Pope, My Name Is..., The Max, The Flow, Push), Pussy Control. (Club Mix Edit), Hit U In The Socket. (with Rosie Gaines), M.P.L.S. (12" remix by the New Power Trio)