Viva Las Vegas 2CD
Catalog # 102/103
Release Year 1999  
2CD Length 79:33 | 79:22
Date/Venue 31 May 1999 Las Vegas
Source Audience

Track Listing
31 May 1999 MGM Grand, Las Vegas
Sing A Simple Song, Stand, Family Affair, Thank You, You Can Make It, Forever In My Life, Everyday People, Santna Medley, Ballad Of Dorothy Parker - Four, Face Down, If I Had A Harem, The Ride, Poom Poom, Sex Machine, I Got The Feeling, Mad - Face Down, The Jam, Music Lover, I Want To Take You Higher, Teddy Bear, Courtin Time, Talkin Loud And Sayin Nothing, It'S Alright, Somebody'S Somebody, My Happy - Acknowledge Me, Get Down, Purple Rain