Viva Las Vegas 1999 4CD
Catalog # SAB079/80 & SAB094/95
Release Year 1999  
4CD Length 5+ Hours
Date/Venue January 1999 & May 1999 Las Vegas
Source Audience

Track Listing
31 May 1999 Las Vegas
sing a simple song, stand, family affair, thank you, you can make it, forever in my life, everyday people, santna medley, ballad of dorothy parker - four, face down, if i had a harem, the ride, poom poom, sex machine, i got the feeling, mad - face down, the jam, music lover, i want to take you higher, teddy bear, courtin time, talkin loud and sayin nothing, it's alright, somebody's somebody, my happy - acknowledge me, get down, purple rain
2 January 1999 Las Vegas
push it up, jam of the year, talkin' loud and sayin nothing, carwash, let's work, delirious, rosk n roll is alive outro, purple rain, little red corvette, i would die 4u, get yo groove on, i could never take the place of your man, inst, redemption song, ain't no way, nothing compares 2 u, 1999 the new master (incl erotic city), gett off, release yourself
1 January 1999 The Time Live with Prince Las Vegas
intro, get it up, 777 9311, cool, girl, wild and loose, the stick, instrumental, fishnets, gigolos get lonely too, if the kid can't make you come, ice cream castles, you got to shake something, the walk, the bird, prince announced, jungle love (p on guitar), the artist speaks