Wendy & Lisa: Friendly Fire 2CD
Catalog # 150/151
Release Year 2001  
2CD Length 76:23 | 74:19
Date/Venue Unreleased Stuido Tracks
Source various

Track Listing
the guidse of love, drive all night, i'm in love again, sample of unknown song, viste, diggin n china, i wanna get on, the give, so high, madmen swim upstream, if i were brave, i've got a big bowl of cherries

lisa solo piano 1, happy birthday, lolly lolly, lisa solo piano 2, 2 trip is 2 fall, i'm leaving the problem, lisa solo piano 3, hip hop love

where the day takes you, perfect stranger, inst 1, inst 2, secret agent man, stand by your man

soul food score (15 tracks)

lolly lolly (mixed by prince), are you my baby 12". hip hoplove, lolly lolly random d mix, the closing of the year, if i die today (eroica demo), lisa solo piano 4, don't try to tell me (demo for eroica)