Title: One Nite Alone
Type: CD


This is the first CD released exclusively as part of the 2002 NPG Music Club. The NPGMC members also received a copy of the album with their copy of the One Nite Alone... Live album.

Track listings


  1. One Nite Alone
  2. U're Gonna C Me
  3. Here On Earth
  4. A Case Of U
  5. Have A Heart
  6. Objects In The Mirror
  7. Avalanche
  8. Pearls B4 The Swine
  9. Yound And Beautiful
  10. Arboretum

Produced, Arranged, Composed* and Performed* by Prince

* John Blackwell: Drums on Here On Earth, A Case Of U
* Divinity: Ambient singing
* Majesty: Ambient singing

A Case Of U written by Joni Mitchell