Title: O(-> (Symbol album)
Type: 2LP / CD

A special "Gold-case" edition was issued. The CD was the same, only the packaging was different.

Track listings

2LP / CD

  1. My Name Is Prince
  2. Sexy MF
  3. Love 2The 9's
  4. The Morning Papers
  5. The Max
  6. Blue Light
  7. <O> Wanna Melt With U
  8. Sweet Baby
  9. The Continental
  10. Damn U
  11. Arrogance
  12. The Flow
  13. 7
  14. And God Created Woman
  15. 3 Chains O' Gold
  16. The Sacrifice Of Victor

Produced, Arranged, and Performed by Prince and The New Power Generation

* Prince: Writer of all songs
* Levi Seacer Jr.
: Co-writer of Sexy M.F.
* Sonny T.
* Michael B.
* Tommy Barbarella
* Tony M.
: Rap writer on My Name Is Prince. Co-writer of Sexy M.F., The Flow
* Kirk Johnson
* Damon Dickson
* Mayte

* D.J. Graves: Scratching
* Mike Nelson: Hornz
* Kathy J.: Hornz
* Dave Jensen: Hornz
* Brian Gallagher: Hornz
* Steve Strand: Hornz
* Eric Leeds: Saxophone on Blue Light
* Michael Koppelman: Bass on Blue Light
* Carmen Electra: Rap on The Contonental
* The Steeles: Backing vocals on The Sacrifice Of Victor
* Clare Fischer: Production and arrangement of strings