Prince Related Artists
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This is a list of Prince-related recordings I have.
This list is not a complete overview of these artists' recordings. If I ever get the time I will probably make it complete.

Sheila E
The Glamorous Life CD
Romance 1600 CD 
Sheila E CD
Sex Cymbal CD
    Sex Cymbal CDS 
Droppin' Like Flies CDS

The Family
The Family  CD 

Larry Graham
GCS2000  CD 

Hornheads  CD 

Jill Jones
Jill Jones  CD 

Child Of The Sun  CD 

Wendy And Lisa
Wendy And Lisa  CD 
Fruit At The Bottom  CD
    Are You My Baby?  CDS 
    Lolly Lolly CDS
    Satisfaction CDS
Eroica CD
Eroica (+ CDS) CD
    Strung Out CDS
    Rainbow Lake CDS
Re-Mix-In-A-Carnation  CD
Girl Bros CD