Date: 18-07-1990
City: Napels
Venue: Stadio S.L. Cava dei Tirreni
Country: Italy

Upon entering Italy a Milan court had placed a confiscation order in the amount of $850,000 following an action by concert promoter Franco Mamone of In Talent Art. They wanted that amount to come from the Italian concert revenues. The dispute started in 1987 when dates in Rome and Turin were cancelled. Also a 1988 Rome concert was cancelled. Mamone said to have paid $400,000 up front, but never got a refund. Mamone wanted a settlement, but instead they chose to deal with Avantgarde, another concert promoter. They paid Mamone $350,000 as an out-of-court settlement.

After the Napels concert the exits were blocked by people from Avantgarde, making it impossible for the crew to leave the stadium. They wanted $200,000 and to be lifted from the obligation to pay the remaining amounts due. They also claimed to have lost $900,000 from the Rome and Naples concerts.

Prince never received full payment because the $350,000 paid to In Talent Arte came out of the Italian concert earnings. A Venice court later gave Avantgarde permission to file a lawsuit for future money, up to $1.3 million.

As a result of this the concerts at Turin (20th) and Udine (30th) were cancelled because Prince feared a kidnapping to get the money from him. He never went to Italy again until 31-10-2002.